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2014/02/15= 2014 is going to be so hillarious … so many “trusted” public figures and people who got where they are by abiding to a corrupt hierarchical system based on NOTHING. Based on the esteem of each other!!! And as they keep trying to bring down bitcoin, like they’ve been trying it since 2011… Just because it frustrates them that they can’t understand it, and can’t “control” it.

But now, every one knows that bitcoin and decentralization is right, and whatever these guys “imaginary” position in society is, be it CEO of The biggest bank in the world, Chief economist of Who gives a fuck academy… however glorified they may be, they will now have to prove their worth … their bull shit is being called out. Most of these guys cant prove shit to anyone else but the guy signing their paycheck. Well with bitcoin Math is signing your paycheck.

These guys can’t survive or understand a freemarket, they don’t understand provable trust. They don’t understand that value must be justified. They can’t understand things they can’t make up and impose on others.

People have always been complaining to me, asking me “but what is this imaginary bitcoin money worth? i mean this 20$ bill is printed on paper, i can feel it, i can touch it.. i know it’s real” — Seriously, if you’ve said this to me or something similar, by now perhaps the media has better explained bitcoin than i have, and you understand it a bit better, so i’d like you to think about what you said, and tell me you didn’t sound retarded, or like a lunatic.


An old rant i forgot to publish !


Identifying a bitcoin pump

Precedes a major event:

  • Halving
  • Adoption by major player
  • Government review/acceptance
  • Social media Viral influence

Created by a major player:

  • Ponzi (MMM, Chinese litecoin guy)
  • Preloads in the block chain by whale
  • Capital controls in china cause the need to pull money out

An old draft (2015 !) i will post right now and modify

Blockchain consultant bubble

  • An increase in the amount of people on linked in with Blockchain development as a skillset
  • Increase in amount of people repeating ideas they’ve heard on youtube or by Andreaa antonopoulos (who has claimed in the past to collect ideas that seemed correct/good/better and repeat them, which is not a bad thing especially not in his case since he can express ideas often more clearly, to a broader public. This is in my opinion a great marketing tool/skill.)
  • A lot of consultants are spreading (justifiable) FUD about ICOs, so that they can offer their advice on what ICO may be better, or how to qualify an ICO.
  • There is great demand from businesses and people who are now seeing the potential profit opportunities and technical opportunities they shunned away from in the last few years.

I’ll add more ranting against consultants as i think of them or hear about them.